Post Excavation: Records

If today has taught me anything it is the importance of making sure your plans are correct.

This morning I spent doing Records post excavation work. This means that we take all the paperwork that we created during the excavation and convert it into an online form. I was only there this morning as I was working with emotive in the afternoon but here is what we did!

When on site you have to create drawing plans, these are very detailed and to-scale and can take hours! When doing these you also have to fill out a drawing sheet, on this it has a list of all the drawing that have been done, the context number, drawing number and what it was of. It was our job to go through the list, recreate it in excel and make sure it was all right. You would be surprised how easy it is to make a mistake in a form when you’re writing in the wind/rain/hail etc.

There was also other people sorting through photographs which is a similar process. Photographs are taken on site. In the photo you include a scale and context information. This information is then taken, a long with the photograph number, and inputted into a database for later use.

That about covers it! If you have any questions then please comment down below and I will be happy to answer them for you.

~Amy 🙂