End of Excavation Lecture

A few days ago we had a lecture to sum up everything that we discovered, achieved and uncovered over the course of the excavation; as well as some of the goals. The lecture was an hour long and I can’t include everything we spoke about here but I there’s a couple of things that I wanted to highlight.

Steve Roskams (lecturer and site manager) stressed that there was a higher focus on heritage this year (well done guys!) and that there was an increased interest from the local community. He mentioned that he wanted to do more of this in the coming years and that what we did this year was successful but it could be expanded upon a lot because the community was obviously interested in it.

Steve spefically commented that himself and Historic England were impressed with the heritage work that went on, especially with the school visit that we did the other day (let me know if you’re interested in this and I will make a post all about it).

He raised the point there was a slight issue with the fact that when people came around the site that we couldn’t tell them everything because they’re visiting when we ourselves don’t know anything. I think this is an issue but there isn’t really too much we could do about it.

There was a bunch of other stuff that we spoke about but I’m not 100% sure what I can and can’t talk about so I’m just gonna leave it at that for now. Thanks for reading!

~Amy šŸ™‚

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