End of term Exhibition

At the end of every excavation period it’s the jobs of the heritage students to organise a end of year exhibition to showcase everything we’ve learned and we had it the other day!

We had a couple of elements: the part everyone enjoyed the most was definitely the free wine reception! But we also had a kids activity table to showcase all the childrens activities we’d created, we had copies of blog posts and recipe books on the tables and most importantly we had the posters! Every group, as part of their assessment, needs to produce a powerpoint poster and they were on display for everyone to look at and vote on. I’m super proud of my group for winning: well done guys!

Afterwards we packed up and I had to run off to help set up SummerFest which was the Archaeology Society ball (which I was on the committee for) so I never really got to say goodbye to everyone but if you’re reading this then I had I had a great time working with you the last couple of months and I hope you have a good summer! Summerfest was also a success so generally it was a great, if not rather hectic, day.

Thank you for everyone who came I had a lovely time. I leave you with some pictures from the evening.

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