Resources Masterpost

This will (most likely) be my last post so I wanted to make something that brought together everything we’ve done as a team in one place for anyone who might want to go through it all in the future. If you produce any more content or if I find something I think might be interesting then I will post it here.

Let’s start with the blogs, click on the persons name to find out what they have to say about the dig. Seren. Sarah. Victoria. Chloe. Rose. and of course this blog: Amy. I also created a blog post for the university blog which can be read here.

Click on this link here to view all of the Youtube videos (there should be 6 by the time I get them all out) I have made about the excavation. Shout out to everyone on the dig that helped me produce these!

The next thing I would like to show you is the Newsletters. We have produced two so far but a third one may also be happening. I’ll amend this post if/when that happens.

Then we have the kids (or adults) activities booklets. The first one is primarily for use on site and the second one can be used anywhere.

We have a fun Roman recipe for you to try at home!

On top of making all of this we have done countless public site tours, visited Malton Museum, had 90 school children come to Kings Manor, put posters and Newsletters around Malton, filmed for Digging for Britain, ran an end-of-excavation exhibition and more! We’ve had a busy few weeks but it’s been so much fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along, if you want any more information that I haven’t linked in this post then please comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

~Amy 🙂