Days 11-15

It’s the end of week 3 of excavation which means it’s time for another update!

Day 11

This was a bank holiday monday so not much happened today. I wrote some blog posts and edited a video: all of which should be out by now so go check them out!

The thumbnail for my video: check out my previous post to watch it.

Day 12

We’re back in the trench! Though it has poured with rain all day which is a downside. In the morning we were mainly just cleaning off the rubble (still) but things are starting to get moving and hopefully we should be able to see all the features soon. In the morning the weather wasn’t too bad but in the afternoon the heavens opened and we all had to hide for a little until it passed. We had a meeting about heritage plans and I spoke to my trench supervisor (Ian) about what we’re seeing at the moment. They’ll be a full post about current interpretation of Trench 9 sometime next week.

Day 13

Excavation was called off today due to the weather! Usually Wednesday is an optional day anyway and doesn’t contribute towards assessment (most of the Archaeology course has the excavation as their assessment but us Heritage lot don’t) so it hasn’t made too much of a difference in terms of schedule. I spent my day working on blog posts, society stuff and I had an interview! Wish me luck!

Heritage in action! Isn’t this meta?

Day 14

Back in the muddy trench today. Started planning a feature in the trench which is difficult in the rain as it’s done with pencil and paper but then I got whisked away for some heritage tasks so luckily I didn’t have to struggle for too long! We worked on a booklet for children potentially visiting the site next week and poster for the public site tours. In the afternoon we got some filming done and took this majestic photo of me and Rose on the spoil heap (you can check out Rose’s blog at ). You can view the activity sheet below but I will make a post with all available resources closer to the end of our course.

Day 15

I had a great time today! Spend the morning trowelling and interviewing Caitlin the finds officer. Some of the stuff we’ve found is really amazing and I wish I could talk about it here but there’s rules about sharing things while it’s still on site so I might have to wait! We then spent the afternoon at the library planning and deciding what we’re doing for the public tours over the next week. A great end to the week. Shout out to Malton Library for letting us take over the corner of your floor.

That marks the end of week three! See you on monday for an exciting site interpretation post,

~Amy 🙂

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